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How I doubled my salary in a year

I am a 43 year old married woman blessed with two lovely children, Dineo and Joas. I am staying in Bendor, a suburb in the City of Polokwane in Limpopo.

I was introduced to Justine by a friend in 1998 as a means to make extra money while I was still working at a bank. I decided to try it and joined Justine as a Consultant. By 2005, I was a Justine Business Leader although still working full time.

In February 2010 I attended a Business Leaders’ workshop at Fourways, Gauteng and was motivated by the amazing success stories presented by full time Justine Business Leaders. They shared with us on how they strategised to make their business grow. This was the turning point of my business. Following the workshop, I was so inspired that I recruited 50 consultants from having only 6 before. By December 2010 I had resigned from my position as a Customer Service manager at the Bank so I could focus on my Justine Business. The success of my Justine business continued with my earnings growing to double what I was earning at the Bank for many years.

In 2011, I opened my Justine office at Dada House Building, office 306 at Grobler Street in the center of the city (Polokwane). By the end of 2011, I had 125 registered Consultants and my salary tripled! During that time I was also one of the top sellers of the new Justine Utopia fragrance, the reward for which was a weekend away for two to the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. My husband and I enjoyed 3 beautiful days at the Victoria Falls including a sunset cruise in the perennial Zambezi river in March this year.

In May, Justine spoiled me and 14 other top achieving Justine Business Leaders with an eight day trip to Bali in Indonesia. We spent our nights at a 5 star hotel and toured the province of Bali, admiring its beauty and rice plantations. The other highlights of this outing were meeting different people with diverse cultures as well as experiencing the country’s popular mode of transport, the motorbike transport. We also enjoyed a cruise along the islands.

Because of the incredible earnings and the great recognition and rewards from the company I really enjoy what I am doing and always looking forward to the next day. In addition I have groomed, developed and motivated my team to reach the same level of success.

Keku Martina Legodi - Justine Business Leader


Taking a risk, paid off in an incredible way

With families to support, many adults are often unwilling to leave a secure, fulltime job, albeit one that they hate, to pursue their dreams. Following your dream is often viewed as risky, and should you choose this path, you’re sure to raise a few sceptical eyebrows along the way. When Annique Consultant, Sanette Horn, left her fulltime job to build her own business, she didn’t see it as a risk, but as an opportunity. Her “risk” paid off in the biggest way she could ever have imagined.

More than 30 years ago, Annique Consultant, Sanette Horn, was earning a good salary at her fulltime, corporate job.

“However, it was a man’s world,” she says. “I was working just as hard as my male colleagues, but they received the fat increases at the end of the day. Feeling fed up, I mentioned this to my Annique Consultant who I regularly bought products from.

“‘Why don’t you join Annique fulltime?’ she asked. “’Then you can determine your own salary.’”

“Thinking back, it was a risk. My husband and I just bought a new house, and we needed every cent to cover our expenses. But, at the time, I wasn’t worried about the risk. I saw the opportunity of building a successful business for myself. I went straight to my boss and resigned with 24 hours’ notice.”

“I jumped right into my new business by phoning everyone I knew to tell them about the healing properties of Rooibos in the Annique products. My main focus was the skin-care range. People were very supportive and I worked into the late hours of the night to do product demonstrations and to introduce people to Annique. I recruited people from day one. After only one month, I had managed to earn the same salary as at my previous job and I was able to buy a car! My husband, who was shocked by my resignation, was now able to relax, as I was able to contribute to paying the bills.”

“My salary didn’t depend on my gender or on what others deemed fit anymore; it depended solely on me and my effort. I was free to fetch my children at school and to work the hours that suited me. I worked hard to build a successful business, and fifteen years later the real value of my multi-level marketing business became more apparent than ever…”

“In my forties , I was diagnosed with a debilitating, chronic illness. Getting up in the mornings became a challenge. My Annique business was and is still my lifesaver as it enables me to keep working at my own pace. I wouldn’t have been able to hold a fulltime job, as I often feel tired and weak. The benefit of a multi-level marketing business like Annique is that you are able to earn a passive income. Even when I am feeling too ill to work, I still earn an income based on my team’s performance.”

“All those years ago, I took a chance by starting my own business. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I wasn’t brave enough to follow my dream. Fortunately, I did, and I’m able to still live the life that I choose.”


Sombu Manana started selling Avon in July 2003 as an independent Representative

After my husband died in 2006 she had to depend on her Avon earnings. The income helped her to support her step-daughter who was just 19 years old at the time. She was also able to provide for her brother's teenage daughter as she is the sole breadwinner at home.

In 2009 she bought a laptop to help her run her Avon business more efficiently. By 2011 she had managed to buy a stand with a two bedroom house cash using the earnings from her business.

She continues to work hard so can accomplish more for herself as well as her family.


From Educator to Entrepreneur

I joined Table Charm as a part time job in 1998. As a teacher and later a principal, I never thought Table Charm would later become a big part of my life. The turn-around came in November 2002 after attending the Table Charm Big Bash. A dream was born in me after realising that Table Charm can support me and my family.

In March 2003 I attended a training for a Manager position. During the same year I branched out two Managers from my team. 2004 was a land mark for me: hard work at Table Charm earned me my first overseas trip to Singapore. It was such a great moment that put me and Table Charm on the map. People around me started to notice the change Table Charm was making in my life and family.

In 2006 my husband and I realised that we can change our careers from working in the public service department to being entrepreneurs. This thought dominated our minds to an extent that whatever we did was aimed at financial and professional freedom one day. This could only happen through Table Charm. The extra money I made was channelled to property. This earned us our first property investment.

Backed by extra income from Table Charm, I applied for a bond for a second investment property and it was granted. At the same time we bought our third house in Nelspruit, my husband no longer had to do everything on his own due to my earnings at Table Charm.

In 2008, the biggest change of my life happened. I left teaching where I was a principal to be a full time Distributor. On the entrepreneur side we had also bought a free stand, we had planned to build a block of flats. 2013 was a perfect time to start the flat project. Two of the nine flats are complete and we already have tenants. My husband has joined me as a full time pastor and entrepreneur. Meanwhile Table Charm continues to provide the much needed cash for me and my husband.

In addition to all this, Table Charm has done what no one can do for me by flying me to Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Hong Kong, France and Mauritius. I have no words to express my gratitude to Table Charm for helping ease my journey from just a teacher to an entrepreneur.


Tamryn Fox Independent Distributor Nu Skin South Africa

My Husband and I made the decision for me to leave the Corporate Sales Industry and become a stay-at-home mom, which I did for two years. I loved every minute of being at home with my two girls, but something was missing. Being an ambitious and independent person, I began to feel frustrated and insecure because I had lost my financial independence and felt guilty for not contributing towards my family’s future.

At this stage, I had two choices: I could either re-join the Corporate Industry and have very limited time with my family or take a chance with the Nu Skin Opportunity that was presented to me, and start working from home which is something I'd always wanted to do. My husband was sceptical yet supportive, but thankfully we chose the latter.

I started my Nu Skin Business May 2012, became an Executive in August, and 10 months later became a RUBY.

The past 18 months with Nu Skin has been the most challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable experience of my working career. It's the working lifestyle that puts me in control of my time, financial rewards and ultimately, mine and my families’ future.

One of the fundamental Keys to My Success has been the support of my up-line. Hanno Korf has been amazing, taught me everything I know and provided me with the tools to turn my passion into results and build a successful business. One of my key objectives going forward is to provide the same mentorship that Hanno has provided to me.

I believe the recipe for success is focusing on what needs to be done, being completely passionate about what you're doing and being consistent. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius.

Thank you Nu Skin...


Balancing motherhood with work

Selling AMC was the best decision ever because I had the best of both worlds - to be a mother as well as climbing the corporate ladder.

Looking back over my 20 year career with AMC, it seems like I’m watching a movie. Before AMC all I had was a matric certificate, and I was a housewife. But look at the income I earn today! We’ve travelled overseas so many times, and the benefits are endless. I am very grateful to AMC for giving everyone the same opportunity with no discrimination. All the things I wanted, like the freedom to work in my own time and to ensure I am with my children, has been possible.

My proudest moment is my daughter receiving her B Com degree in Forensic Accounting. If it wasn’t for AMC I wouldn’t have been able to afford the University fees, accommodation and books. After 4 years of studying, I am also proud to say we paid for everything in cash and she has no student debt that she needs to pay back.

Shanine Pieters - Area Manager - Alberton


From Shack to Success!

After moving from Witbank to Tsakane in 2002 due to family problems, I found myself living in a tiny shack with no friends or family nearby. I left my child in Swaziland, as I was unemployed at the time. I was living in very difficult conditions and my shack was not furnished and I didn’t even have a bed to sleep on. Most nights I would go to bed with an empty stomach. Months went by and I still struggled, but I kept my faith in God and believed that He would bring greater things into my life. Back when I was living in Mpumalanga, I used to buy Table Charm products and I was lucky enough to come across a Table Charm Price List in 2003. That day I decided that if I start selling Table Charm products, I would be able to make a living for myself and that my life would change.

I called the Home Office and told them that I wanted to join Table Charm. They referred me to a lady that told me about Kate Maunye. I introduced myself to Kate and joined Table Charm as her Consultant. She explained the business opportunity to me and since then I never looked back! I slowly saw my life changing! I could now buy food with my commission from selling Table Charm! In 2006 I became a Manager and that encouraged me to work even harder. I was fortunate enough to get my own RDP house and even though it was not my dream house, it was still better than living in my shack. I sold even harder and earned even more and in 2008 I managed to extend my house and I furnished it with expensive furniture. Finally I was living the life I had always dreamt of! I could now afford to send some money home for my child to finish her studies. Thank you Table Charm!

I invited my family from Swaziland to visit me at my new house and they could not believe what they saw. My house is beautiful with a fully fitted kitchen and a geyser! I told them it was all thanks to Table Charm! My next big goal was to buy a car. I Recruited even more and sold more products than ever and in 2011 I bought myself a bakkie which helped me to grow my business even more! A secret to my success is that I sell a variety of ranges to lots of Customers. That is where I obtain my repeat sales every month and I also do demonstrations often to spread the word of my business. As a Table Charm Manager, I make sure my account is fully paid on time and I work hard with my team by my side.

I have so much joy in my heart because Table Charm has really changed my life! Thank you Table Charm!


Malan Coetsee Independent Distributor Nuskin South Africa

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” –John Lennon

My Nu Skin journey started in February 2014. At the time I was doing Nu Skin part-time while being in the Construction Industry. By August 2014 my commission had grown considerably, allowing me to leave my occupation and persue my Nu Skin byusiness full time.

Partnering with a company like Nu Skin gave me the confidence to approach people that I normally would not, people that are older, very successful and could be intimidating. My self-confidence has improved not only in the way I relate to people but also being comfortable to speak in front of anybody. I have learnt to listen carefully to people in order to identify their needs. I have also learned that I can give everybody the same opportunity, although they need to decide whether this business is for them, or not.

To be successful in Nu Skin, patiance & perserverance is key. You also need to follow a proven system and be coachable.

Since I started my business I have experienced the freedom of time, I have the freedom to accommodate new prospects at time that suit them best. I am also able to enhance my quality of life by spending more time in the gym and complimenting my fitness regime with superior supplementation. This has helped me to get in better shape, exercise more effectively with increased stamina and has remarkably improved my ability to concentrate. With my improved Immune System I feel great everyday!

Since my mother started using the products and was receiving countless compliments on her “younger look”, my whole family is now using Nu Skin products.

I have a focussed vision and long term goal that drives me daily. I would like to be Team Elite by the age of 27 and make a meaningful change in people’s lives, especially improving the quality of life for mentally handicapped people.

To be succesfull you need to “lead by example”, people do what you do, not what you say they should do. “Be the change you want to see in the world” - Confucius


Financial independence is possible!

My journey with AMC has been, and still is, very exciting. I joined the company in 2011. By 2013 I finished as one of the top consultants in South Africa, placing 4th in the country. As a reward I won a trip to Morocco for myself and my husband – a dream come true! I have also travelled on many local trips too. My husband and I are now collectively involved in the sales of AMC cookware and my monthly expenses are seen to with ease. With my remuneration I am also privileged to be able to provide financially for four aged members of my family. My next goal is to visit my daughter in Mexico.

My life has changed for the better, I’m now financially independent. I’m no longer in a situation of being just being broke since I started selling AMC.

Lutchmee Iyer – Consultant - Durban North


Single parent buying cars for her two sons and daughter!

I am so proud to have had the opportunity to be associated with Avon.

I am a single parent with 3 children. My husband passed away over 10 years ago and I had to educate my children on my own and Avon helped pay for this. My eldest son studied Marketing and in addition I was able to buy him his first car. My second son studied Marketing and Financial Management and I also paid for his first car. My daughter completed Matric 3 years ago and enjoyed a break year from her studies while deciding what she would like to study the following year. I was also able to buy her a car!

Avon has also enabled me to tour the United States and Europe. I’ve also been to Australia and New Zealand.

Avon affords women and men the opportunity to be successful and comfortable and enjoy the finer things in life because of the financial independence it offers through its earning opportunity. I don’t think I will ever stop being associated with Avon.


From township entrepreneur to high-flyer

Not being able to take care of your family is a nightmare for any husband or wife, mother or father. That is why Annique Health and Beauty Consultant, Francis Pule Ndaba, tried every career opportunity that came his way, to try and give his family the lives that they deserved. Even though many of his business ventures failed, he kept hoping, and finally discovered an opportunity that could change their lives.

Before last year, Francis Pule Ndaba, 50, from Empangeni in Kwazulu-Natal made a living by selling chickens. Before then, he ran a few small businesses, but none of them were very successful.

“In January 2014, I became an Annique Health and Beauty Consultant after seeing the healing effects of their Rooibos products whilst struggling with a sore on my foot. I went to many doctors, but no ointment seemed to help. Fortunately, I met Sizakele Ntuli, a Consultant from Annique, who introduced me to their healing products that contain a potent Rooibos extract. Within a month, my foot was completely healed. I was surprised! I don’t like selling products that I don’t believe in, but I could see myself marketing products that make a real difference.”

Francis attended Annique functions to learn more about the business opportunity that includes selling Rooibos products and building your own team. “For the first time, I had hope for the future. I knew this was my opportunity to start building a sustainable living for my family.”

Since then, his business has grown rapidly. “I am receiving phone calls from strangers all over the country who want to buy Annique Rooibos products. I’m also recruiting people into my team that currently consists of 16 members. The bigger your team and the more products you sell, the more you earn!”

Francis, who does not own a car, is achieving all of this by using public transport or walking to his clients to deliver products and to tell people about Annique. From 1 March 2014 to 31 August 2014, Frances has managed to sell enough products to help him to qualify for an all expenses 7 day trip to Phuket in Thailand.

“I have never been on an airplane or overseas before, and without Annique, I don’t think I ever would have had the opportunity to travel to other countries. I look forward to relaxing on the beach and spending time with the other Annique Consultants. Qualifying for this tour is a dream come true. Previously, I just dreamed of supporting my family. But, now I can dream big. Our lives are changing; the sky is not my limit.”


I’ve made my dreams come true selling AMC!

Selling Pots? Only? My dream came true! Yes, pots ONLY made my dreams come true! With focus, determination and hard work - my dreams came true. I joined AMC part time in January 2004 whilst working as a teacher. I made up my mind that same year October that I would like to work full time for AMC. In January 2005, instead of going back to my classroom, I joined AMC full time and was later appointed as PE branch area manager.

For the first time in my life I was able to go on an overseas trip. I have never missed qualifying for a trip and either take my husband or one of my son’s along. Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Portugal, China, India, Phuket, Morocco!

I have proudly sent two of my son’s to university without any financial aid. Without AMC I also could not have sent my laatlammetjie to Grey College or lived in the beautiful PE suburb of Summerstrand. And last but not least, I couldn't have met my 50th dream – I bought myself a brand new Mercedes Benz and did not need to sell my double cab bakkie either!

Xiza Mbaza - Regional Manager - Port Elizabeth