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Direct Selling | Quality Products

Quality Products

Consumers’ benefit from direct selling because of the convenience and service it provides, including personal demonstration and explanation of quality products, home delivery, and generous satisfaction guarantees. Moreover, direct selling is a professional channel of distribution for companies with innovative or distinctive products not readily available in traditional retail stores, or who choose not to compete with the enormous advertising and promotion costs associated with gaining space on retail shelves. Direct selling enhances the retail distribution infrastructure of the economy, and serves consumers with a convenient source of quality products and services.

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How to Buy

Home parties, party-plan, group presentations, one-on-one consultations - there are so many ways to buy the wide range of quality products and services. The key to enjoying and benefitting the most from your buying experience is to work with knowledgeable and friendly direct sellers who can tell you about products or services, answer any questions, and let you and your friends peruse the items on display or in catalogues that can offer a wider selection.

It should be remembered that at no time are you obligated to buy, but chances are you’ll find a product or service that meets your needs and that you’d really enjoy.

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Product Guarantees

As part of their membership, DSA member companies are required to abide by a strict Code of Conduct that’s designed to protect consumers and direct sellers from unethical business practices (The Code is currently being aligned with the Consumer Protection Act and once completed will be registered with the Department of Trade and Industry). For a list of DSA member companies, refer to Member Companies.

The Code requires that the terms of a guarantee or a warranty, the details and limitations of after-sales service, the name and address of the guarantor, the duration of the guarantee or warranty and the remedial action open to the buyer, should be clearly marked on the product order form (or other accompanying literature). There is also a cooling-off period clause. DSA member companies have to ensure that their order form contains this clause which permits the customer to add, reduce or withdraw from the order within a specified period of time (not less than five working days from receipt of products) and to obtain reimbursement of any payment.


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