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About DSASA | Direct Selling | FAQ

  • Who gets involved with direct selling?

  • Why do they get involved?

  • Is the direct selling industry growing?

  • What products are sold through direct selling?

  • Who do you sell products to?

  • How much money can you make in direct selling?

  • How long do people stay in direct selling?

  • What is a single level compensation plan?

  • What is the difference between single level and multilevel compensation plans?

  • What is a downline?

  • What is an upline?

  • How many direct selling companies are there?

  • Who can become a DSA member?

  • As a direct seller with a DSA company, what benefits do I get?

  • Do I have to abide by a Code of Conduct as a direct seller?

  • If I feel that a DSA member company or direct seller of a DSA Member Company has violated the Code of Conduct, what should I do?

  • What if the company I want to join is not a DSA member, should I still join?