Welcome to the DSA-UJ 2018 Project

Notice board

The DSA-UJ Project 2018 commenced on Friday 13 April 2018.

Order deliveries will take place this week on Thursday 26 April between 12h10 and 12h55 ONLY if you have followed the order procedure correctly AND if you have organised this with your company.

The second in-depth Company Business & Product Training sessions is taking place on Friday 04 May: 12h10 - 12h55

Avon Justine - J Black 8 & 9 & 10
Tupperware - J Black 5 & 6
Table Charm - J Purple 10 & 11

All students to check sales records for correct data information. If corrections are needed, go to speak to Dr. Wait (K Red 1).

Monthly reports are to be completed as per the report accessed via your sales record on this database. You have until the 10th of each month LATEST to complete the report for the previous month. Each month's sales report has to be saved. All fields to be completed. This is a requirement of your sales management module.